Five Practical Ways To Support A Single Mother In 2020

Five Practical Ways To Come Alongside A Single Mother During 2020

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1. Deliver Her Groceries

Meet a practical need for a mom, like delivering groceries or household essentials. Recommendations to have one member per household visiting groceries stores can add additional stress to moms as they navigate new changes and restrictions during Covid-19. Lighten a single mothers load by offering to grocery shop for her or by donating to EMA’s Covid-19 Relief Fund.

2. Offer To Take Care Of Lawn Maintenance

Between balancing work and children being home, yard maintenance may take a back seat. Whether you take on mowing the lawn yourself or hiring a local company, having this checked-off the to-do list would be a practical way to come alongside a single mom.

3. Get Her Started With Work Preparation

All moms of Emerge Mothers Academy have faced job loss or reduced wages due to Covid-19. The EMA Work Preparation Program helps equip moms with interview skills, creating resumes, and provides professional attire to enter an interview with confidence. Donate to the Work Preparation Program.

4. Provide Childcare – Social Distance Style

 Plan an outside park playdate for an afternoon! Offering to take a child to explore a nearby park allows both the child and mom time to re-set. Even better-make this a monthly date!

 5. Help Open The Center Of Belonging

The Center of Belonging is a charity collaboration opening in South Minneapolis. At this “one-stop shop” Emerge moms can receive job counseling, visit a food shelf, access mental health and social work services, receive alcohol and drug treatment services, have a safe place for their kids to play, and be part of a supportive community! Donate to open the Center of Belonging here.

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