Impacting Trafficking Through Social Business with 2019 MicroLoan Grant Recipient

Impacting Trafficking Through Social Business with 2019 MicroLoan Grant Recipient

Emerge Mothers Academy is proud to present the To Emerge Podcast – monthly interviews centered on empowering mothers. Our desire is to have you walk away believing that you can do this, you have the ability to rise up and the capacity to emerge.

Today’s episode features the Emerge Mothers Academy 2019 MicroLoan Grant Recipient, Deanna Kallin of Deo Est and Abundance. Deanna is a Minneapolis-based artist who feels passionate about bringing value to women through jewelry. Deanna partners with women from Breaking Free to explore their creative talents and provide an opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

Abundance is a purpose-driven boutique that represents a curated collection of artists and makers who create inspired creations, each piece with its own story. A percentage of every sale goes to support Breaking Free, a nonprofit providing rehabilitation for survivors of sex trafficking, moving them from a life of bondage and oppression to one of safety, dignity, and strength…Abundance.
The Emerge MicroLoan Grant Program exists to provide an opportunity for business mentorship and start-up investments for single mothers who desire to be entrepreneurs and work their own hours. Recipients “repay” the investment by one day being a business mentor to another mom. Participants present their idea before a professional panel. One recipient is awarded each year. At Emerge Mothers Academy, we believe that when you get her started, she will do the rest.
Visit Deanna’s website here and read her story here.
Help propel a single mother’s business to the next step by helping to fund our 2020 MicorLoan Grant. Learn more about our program and sponsoring by visiting here

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