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Coming alongside single mothers through Support Services

Parenting is hard, especially alone. If you are you currently experiencing your mothering journey as a solo parent, and are looking for support, Emerge Mothers Academy is here to come alongside you.  We want to see you and your children thrive.

When you participate at Emerge Mothers Academy, you will have the opportunity to enroll in one or more of our services. Each and all of our services were designed by fellow moms, and we work toward your growth.

Current Special Events & Services for Moms

Authentic and supportive relationships play a crucial role in our personal and professional growth. Through parenting classes, mom nights, and one-on-one friendships, you will be provided with practical and emotional support as you gain tools to grow in parenting, professional advancement and life skills. 

single mothers sitting at a table for parenting class at Emerge Mothers Academy

Through our work readiness classes (we call it work-prep) with Ms J (pictured); you will dive deeper into your passions, skills, and strengths that help you obtain job skills.  It is an opportunity to grow in professionalism, and enter the workforce with confidence. We assist with self-discovery & uncovering unique talents, crafting dynamic resumes, sharpening interview skills, & job placement. We believe that families benefit from hard work and gaining financial independence, especially for the generations to follow!    We also have Financial Literacy services. Once you get that paycheck- you have to tell that money where to go!  We made an entire online course for you, to take at your own pace.  You can learn more about our Financial Literacy Training here.

Personal Development
Social Supports & Advocacy for Moms

Gaining an understanding of your situation, behaviors, your mental health, emotions, trauma, & grief can help you grow. Our staff will work with you based on your needs to help you see brighter days ahead.  We know it’s hard!  We know you want the best for you and your family.  Perhaps you just need a listening ear- or maybe you would like a cheerleader to help you navigate the services around you; we are here for it!  We can also get you into helpful mental health therapy so you have an emotional support professional in your life to get you through the really hard times.

micro loan grant presenter

Developed and shaped by the EMA moms themselves, our MicroLoan Grant is an annual business mentorship program for mothers with an entrepreneurial spirit. We partner with the applicants through a business proposal process to present in the Spring to our EMA Professional Panel. A recipient selected from the finalists; we work together to bring her dreams of business ownership into reality. Operating truly as a grant, the only “pay-back” we expect from our winner is to one day pay it forward by being a business mentor to an up-and-coming MicroLoan Grant recipient. Learn more about our MicroLoan Grant Program here. 

"These services have changed the way I view my circumstances and the way I view myself."

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