Financial Literacy

Learn the basics of financial literacy while healing your relationship with money in our 20 video training series. Our relationship with money is incredibly complex and is often rooted in the messages we’ve received from our family of origin, culture, and religion. In order to move forward, it’s imperative we understand why we believe what we believe when it comes to money and intentionally decide which parts of our narrative we want to embrace going forward as we work to cultivate a healthy relationship with money. Further rooted in our core values, we can create a financial plan that feels authentic to us and keeps us motivated to achieve our most deeply held goals and dreams.

“It’s hard to pick what part of this course I needed most, getting a handle on debt, planning out how to spend, or preparing for retirement.  It was all so good. Thank you!” – Emerge Client

For Charity Partners

Emerge Mothers Academy believes the collaboration of resources is a strength to help organizations serve their clients. Your clients would benefit from our Financial Literacy Training if they are seeking to move towards financial stability and a gain foundation in financial literacy.

financial literacy for clients

For Clients

Emerge Mothers Academy offers Financial Literacy Training as part of our services to clients. If you are a single mother in the Twin Cities who is interested in receiving or participating in our services or trainings, please contact us.

Empowering Women Towards Financial Independence

Emerge Mothers Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing support services to single mothers across the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. We understand women become single mothers for a variety of reasons. Our mission is to equip single mothers to emerge as confident women and caring moms through our programs; parenting classes and mentoring, social services and counseling, work preparation, and a micro-loan grant program.

Full Course Access

Not a charity partner or client? You can still access this full course and take the next step towards financial independence. This course is beneficial for any individual who wants to examine their relationship with money, decide which parts of their narrative they want to embrace going forward, and work to cultivate a healthy relationship with money. We feel confident that through this course you will gain tools to take the next step forward to achieve your most deeply held goals and dreams.

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