Equipping Single Mothers Through Support Services

Emerge Mothers Academy was founded in as a 501(c)(3) in 2012 providing nonprofit support services equipping single mothers. Founders Becca Erickson and Judy Krueger are a mother-daughter team who both have lived experience as single moms. Knowing both the challenges presented in solo-parenting and the powerful difference that a supportive community can make, Emerge Mothers Academy was born. Emerge Mothers Academy believes in coming alongside single mothers and offering practical, comprehensive intervention and resources to help single mothers thrive. Our mission is to equip single mother with the resources to emerge as confident women and caring moms.

In 2013, Emerge Mothers Academy served 19 single mothers. Mothers received services in parenting classes, job readiness support, and mental health support. Emerge Mothers Academy has since matured into a multi-service nonprofit. Services include; work-preparation, social services, counseling, financial literacy education, parenting classes, mentoring, and a micro-loan grant program. Emerge Mothers Academy is continuing to grow and expanding programming and service sites throughout the Twin Cities. In 2020, Emerge Mothers Academy joined a charity collaborative, Center of Belonging, where Emerge Mothers Academy now holds its headquarters.


Equipping single mothers throughout the Twin Cities

Meet Our Team

executive director sitting in a blue chair at Emerge Mothers Academy

Becca Erickson

Exec. Director & Co-founder

Emerge social worker sitting in a chair at Emerge Mothers Academy

Emily Anderson

Contracted Social Worker

Emerge donor relations team member sitting in chair at Emerge Mothers Academy

Kelsey Ohme

Contracted Donor Relations

Emerge digital media specialist sitting in chair at Emerge Mothers Academy

Laurel Goulson

Contracted Digital Media Specialist

Emerge volunteers wearing Emerge shirts standing together at Emerge Mothers Academy

Judy Kruger

volunteer Office Admin

Board of Directors

Coby Blades, Chair
Kayla Gustafson, Vice Chair
Leah Jensen, Board
Edwin Nelson, Treasurer
Becca Erickson, Board (voting member)

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Emerge Mothers Academy
501(c)3 non-profit organization (tax ID # 45-4236957). 

Phone Hours: 8am-9pm

Client hours: 9am-4pm

Phone: (612)-400-9220
Email: info@emergetwincities.org

Address: P.O. Box 46226 Minneapolis, MN 55446

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