2019 MicroLoan Grant Recipient Highlight

The Emerge MicroLoan Grant Program exists to provide an opportunity for business mentorship and start-up investments of $500-$6,500 for single mothers who desire to be entrepreneurs and work their own hours. Recipients “repay” the investment by one day being a business mentor to another mom. Participants present their idea before a professional panel. One recipient is awarded each year. At Emerge Mothers Academy, we believe that when you get her started, she will do the rest!

The 2020 MicroLoan Grant Program will be held this May. Emerge Mothers Academy is looking for panelists and sponsors. To get involved, or to apply for grant consideration, please click here.

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Deanna Kallin, the Emerge Mothers Academy 2019 MicroLoan Grant Recipient. Deanna is a Minneapolis-based artist who feels passionate about bringing value to women through jewelry. Deanna partners with women from Breaking Free to explore their creative talents and provide an opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

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 Deanna, tell us about your business.

Full Abundance is a purpose-driven boutique that represents a curated collection of artists and makers who create inspired creations, each piece with its own story. A percentage of every sale goes to support Breaking Free, a nonprofit providing rehabilitation for survivors of sex trafficking, moving them from a life of bondage and oppression to one of safety, dignity and strength…Abundance.

What was the process like to pitch your business with Emerge Mothers Academy?

My business grew out of a desire to help women understand their value. Instead of needing to pitch my concept, it has grown through a series of events that have led me to where I am. The more I share my vision, the more the ideas develop and the help that I need comes. I view this as a movement that is developing to help survivors of sex trafficking rebuild their lives more than a traditional business venture. 

What resources from Emerge were helpful?

Emerge has been invaluable to my growth due to their generous gift and connections to the right people that are helping me with the business details that needed further development. The talented people on their team are helping me to present my vision and passion through my website and social media, as well as my first boutique space at Modernwell. If that was it enough, the support of Becca Erickson, Kayla Hollatz and Laurel Goulson has been amazing. These women have taken a personal interest in what I am doing. They encourage me, support me and cheer me on. I hope to keep them on my team for years to come!

How have you grown, either personally or professionally?

This process has helped me grow in so many ways. While I am working to help women understand their true worth, I too struggle at times with mine. Telling my vision sometimes brings me to tears as it reminds me that I am also enough. It reminds me that I can do this, that I have what it takes. If I don’t, I can learn it or ask for help. It is important for me to remember that I am never alone. My mission is for me too!

What are your next steps?

My next steps are to complete the finishing details on my website and get my social media platforms launched. I am inviting additional artists to join the movement by joining us on the website. Once we get momentum going, I will be putting focus on the development of a physical boutique that will bring employment to survivors and continue to bring awareness to the community.

Where can people find you? 

I can be found on my website, Instagram, and on Facebook.

The 2020 MicroLoan Grant Program will be held this May. Emerge Mothers Academy is looking for panelists and sponsors. To get involved, or to apply for grant consideration, please click here.

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