Single Moms

We exist to equip single mothers to emerge as confident women and caring moms.


Supporting Mother-Headed Households

Emerge Mothers Academy equips single mothers (from across the Twin Cities) to overcome adversity and emerge as confident women and caring moms.  We come alongside single mothers and help them move from crisis to stability with Parenting Classes and Mentoring, Work Preparation Classes, Social Work & Counseling, and Microloan Grants for single mother entrepreneurs.

"Having a safe place as a single mom has been life-changing. Meeting with their social worker has given me strength as I make peace with my new normal."

Our Services

Parenting Class

Parenting classes and mentoring relationships help participants develop social, emotional, and constructive parenting skills.


Our contracted licensed social worker provides mental health support to mothers and their children.

Work Preparation

Training mothers towards financial independence with skills to approach the professional world with confidence.


Business mentorship and start-up or scale up grant investments for entrepreneurial mothers.

Empowering moms impacts future generations

Emerge Mothers Academy supports economic opportunity and security for single mothers and their families.

What our donors are saying

I’m proud to support this organization because the work they’re doing gives women a hand up and not just a hand out.

I’ve seen how providing needed resources has a positive impact on the lives of moms and their children.

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About Us

We exist to equip single mothers to emerge as confident women and caring moms.

Emerge Mothers Academy is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (tax ID # 45-4236957). 

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