To Emerge Podcast – Walking in Confidence as a Single Mother

Walking in Confidence as a Single Mother

The To Emerge Podcast is excited to announce a new direction! We are shifting our focus to monthly interviews centered on empowering mothers. Our desire is to have you walk away believing that you can do this, you have the ability to rise up and the capacity to emerge.

Today’s episode features Sindy, a single mother from Emerge Mothers Academy. Sindy is a Colombian powerhouse who through the pain of divorce and the struggles of single parenting, has found an unshakable joy. She welcomes you to walk with her through her past and present stories hoping you find confidence and tenacity to power through your story too.

“You don’t come into this with a lot of confidence. However, through this process, you gain confidence…I’m not the woman I was two years ago. I’m so much stronger because every time I got through a day, I was like, Okay, I did yesterday, so I think I can do today.”

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