To Emerge Podcast – Finding Strength And Resilience Through Single Parenting

Finding Strength And Resilience Through Single Parenting

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Emerge Mothers Academy is proud to present the To Emerge Podcast – monthly interviews centered on empowering mothers. Our desire is to have you walk away believing that you can do this, you have the ability to rise up and the capacity to emerge.

Lauren Rostron is more than just a Single Momma and she is more than her title as a Youth and Worship Pastor. Lauren has experienced first hand the freedom that comes from releasing yourself of labels and instead embracing yourself just as you are. She has found strength and resilience through a painful season of divorce and single parenting. Lauren has let gratitude and community lead her as she has boldly stepped out of the muddy tunnel and into the light. When she is not leading worship or mentoring a high school student, you will find Lauren cuddling her pup Ruby and loving on her beautiful babies Marley (7) and Judd (4).
Emerge Mothers Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing support services to single mothers in the Twin Cities. We believe all women can emerge as confident women and caring moms.
Be a part of the Center of Belonging, Emerge Mothers Academy’s new service collaborative charity service site. The Center of Belonging will provide several services under one roof, eliminating the barrier of walking through several doors to receive help. 
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