To Emerge Podcast – Creating a business around philanthropy with Slow Road Photo

Building a Business Around Philanthropy with Erica Morrow of Slow Road Photo

Erica Morrow is the owner of Slow Road Photo, a family and student portrait company based in Minneapolis, MN. In her work, Erica is always on the hunt for honesty, joyful family moments, and beautiful natural light. When she’s not making animal noises and singing silly songs from behind the camera, you can find her embracing her own beautifully messy and altogether lovely Slow Road with her husband and her three elementary aged children.
Emerge Mothers Academy is Slow Road Photo’s 2020 Nonprofit Partner. They have committed to donating 50% of their profits to equip single mothers at Emerge Mothers Academy.
About Slow Road Photo:
Slow Road Photo is a family and school portrait studio based in Minneapolis. Our company was born out of a deep desire to invite us all to walk a little slower and allow ourselves to be filled with a sense of wonder at the beautiful things in our lives. Whether through school portraits that capture children with honesty and heart or through playful and gentle spirited newborn and family sessions, the photographers on the Slow Road Photo team are passionate about helping you honor all of the moments along your family’s road. Slow Road Photo is committed to living out of a place of gratitude and operating as a conduit to be a blessing in our community and to the world world at large. We don’t want our impact to be an afterthought, but instead we want it to be at the forefront of every single thing we do. That’s why in 2020, Slow Road Photo is giving 50% of all our profit to Emerge Mothers Academy. The best part is that through every photo session or school print order, our clients become world changers, too. Together we can make little impacts that will add up to a whole lot. And we can’t think of anything in life more exciting than being on a team with the Slow Road Photo family to do just that!
Emerge Mothers Academy is working to meet the needs of single mothers while they navigate unexpected obstacles during school and work closures due to Covid-19.  This is a time for generosity – we are counting on you to make your help stretch the extra mile. It’s not a time to fear scarcity- this is a time to let MN shine with our huge hearts. $25 Gift card, $50 for childcare help. $500 for lost wages. Every bit helps our moms!
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