To Emerge Podcast – Cultivating Community and Belonging with Tim Anderson

Cultivating Community and Belonging with Tim Anderson

Emerge Mothers Academy is proud to present the To Emerge Podcast – monthly interviews centered on empowering mothers. Our desire is to have you walk away believing that you can do this, you have the ability to rise up and the capacity to emerge.

People in need of services may face hurdles to get the services they need.  To get all of the services one person needs, that person may need to walk through several doors in a single day. That is why we’ve partnered with Ace in the City and other Twin Cities charities to provide a holistic approach to charity and social services of a kind that is totally unique in Minnesota: The Center of Belonging.

At the Center of Belonging, a client with various needs can walk through one door and find what they need behind it.  Their needs will be triaged and they will be directed to the services needed, all in one place. This month we are talking all things Center of Belonging–and guess what? It is currently under construction! We are thrilled to call the Center of Belonging our future service site.

In this month’s episode of To Emerge, we speak with Tim Anderson, founder of Ace in the City. Tim shares how the Center of Belonging came to be and the vision to provide a place where everyone feels known and feels like they belong.  As nonprofits, we are coming together with the same goal–to communicate to clients that they belong.

Ace in the City is a Twin Cities-based nonprofit. They work to cultivate community through relationships while building safe spaces of belonging where all are known, valued, and loved. Learn more about Ace in the City:


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