Micro-Loan Grant Recipient

2020 Micro-Loan Grant Recipient

Meet the 2020 Micro-Loan Grant Recipient, Sa’rai Doram of The CleanUp, LLC. Sarai participated in the Emerge Micro-Loan Grant Program for an opportunity to receive a grant to take her business to the next level. The Micro-Loan Grant Program awards business mentorship and start-up investments of $500-$5000 for mothers who desire to be entrepreneurs and work their own hours. Recipients “repay” the investment by one day being a business mentor to another mom.

Sa’rai, please share your business mission statement with us. 

To run a profitable business, with a simple operation that offers exquisite hospitality services, and takes care of its employees.

How will you use the grants to propel The CleanUp, LLC to the next level?

The grant will be used for equipment, insurance, training, and marketing.
Share a few sentences about your experience with Emerge Mothers Academy and the Micro-Loan Grant program.
My experience with Emerge Mothers Academy has been amazing! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Emily over the past year to prepare and present for the grant. She was very informative, patient and engaged in not only my journey as an entrepreneur… but also my personal life, and how it coincided with my professional journey. Once my business plan was submitted I began speaking to and working with Becca whom made my experience all the better! Becca has practiced the same patience and has been very engaging and informative as well. I was extremely nervous before my panel interview, but once we started it was very easy for me to relax… as everyone was warm, welcoming and great listeners. They also asked questions that got my wheels spinning, and offered some of the best advice in business that I’ve ever heard in my life. I am most grateful for Emerge Mothers Academy and would really enjoy staying connected for life!
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