Parenting Mentors & Classes

Mentoring: Our Emerge moms can be partnered up with volunteer mentors who are more seasoned in their parenting. Classes: Groups of mothers meet together with our director to work through real-life scenarios to improve their parenting skills.  We often use various parenting books and blogs together to navigate parenting situations; toddler tantrums to teenagers!


Work Prep

Financial Independence: Women who are given job skills and an opportunity can approach the professional world with confidence.  Everyone benefits from hard work and financial independence.  We love offering work-readiness training through our work-prep program for moms.  Work-prep services are available Friday afternoons by appointment, at our S. Minneapolis location, and our E. St Paul location.



Micro Loan

Financial Independence: We have a small micro-loan* and business mentor program for mothers who desire to be entrepreneurs and work their own hours.  Click here to see our first ever micro-loan mom receive her micro-loan.  Click here to see the beautiful story of another one of our micro-loan moms.  Have a great business idea, as a single mom?  Apply here!

(*our loan program is best understood as a micro-grant.   The only "pay-back" we expect from our recipients is to one day pay it forward by being a business mentor to another mom)


Social Work & Counseling

Emerge Mothers Academy provides social services and mental health support to teen and single mothers, and their children.  Whether the counseling the parent, child, or family much can be gained with an understanding of mental health, emotions, trauma, grief, and optimal functioning.  Our staff works with each mother based on her needs to ensure a bright future for her and her family.  We offer referrals for housing, food, emergency services, and community services.




 Referring Clients

  • Single mother in need of services
  • Organization, Hospital and Clinical referral:
  • CLICK HERE for our referral form