Emerge Mothers Academy offers support services to single moms in the Twin Cities through our programs programs. We provide parenting classes and mentoring, work preparation, a micro-loan grant program, and social work and counseling. We also offer referrals for single mothers. If you are in need, please contact us. 

Parenting Classes & Mentoring

Classes: Groups of mothers meet together with our director to work through real-life scenarios to improve their parenting skills. Click here for upcoming classes.

Mentoring: Emerge moms can be partnered with a volunteer mentor who is further along in their parenting.  Contact us if you’d like to begin mentoring.

Work Preparation

Through our work preparation program we offer training to move mothers towards financial independence. Mothers will gain skills to approach the professional world with confidence. 91% of single mothers find jobs after completing our classes and 100% of them stay employed.

Micro-Loan Grant

Each year we offer a micro-loan (which is treated as a grant) and business mentor program for entrepreneurial mothers. 

Social Work & Counseling

Emerge Mothers Academy provides social services and mental health support to mothers, and their children. Our staff works with each mother based on her needs. 

Clinicians & Practitioners

Please contact us to refer a single mother into our program. Send the form to
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