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Emerge Mothers Academy

Equipping single mothers to emerge as confident women and caring moms

Social and Support Services for Single Mothers

We understand that women become single mothers for many reasons. With this in mind, we believe in meeting a mom where she is at in her solo-parenting journey. Our desire is to show up like friends and provide tools and resources she’ll need to overcome and thrive.

With a focus on a mother’s family, home, and community, our services aim to equip women to emerge as confident women and caring moms.

Through our support services, single mothers receive the tools and resources they need to take the next positive step for themselves and their children.

“Having a safe place as a single mom has been life-changing. Meeting with them has given me strength as I make peace with my life.”

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Emerge Mothers Academy
501(c)3 non-profit organization (tax ID # 45-4236957). 

Phone: (612)-400-9220

Address: P.O. Box 46226 Minneapolis, MN 55446

Voicemail Hours: 8am-8pm
Client Hours:9am-4pm

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