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If she can start her baby on the right foot, she will pave the way for her baby’s success

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Providing newborn and infant supplies

Nurture Newborns is an annual student-led fundraiser dedicated to providing free newborn and infant supplies to parents in need.

In 2021, Nurture Newborns aims to raise $50,000 and donate it in increments of $1000 grants to 50 parents who will receive personalized infant and newborn supply kits. 

Help Fund A Grant

Uplift the livelihood of young mothers and their new little lives. Each donation matters in helping baby get off on the right foot. Help fund a portion or all of a grant for a parent in need. All donations are tax-deductible.

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Apply For Grant

Are you a mother with an infant(s) aged 0-2 in need of supplies? Apply to receive a $1000 supply kit. Qualified applicants will meet with Nurture Newborns to build a customized supply kit based on your unique needs.

More About Nurture Newborns

Nurture Newborns was founded by high school student, Ava Montpetit. Ava founded Nurture Newborns on the belief that anyone who is courageous enough to ask for help is deserving of services. With an understanding that each parents needs are unique, Ava’s priority is to listen to the needs of each Nurture Newborn recipient through a personalized application process.

To see 50 parents in 2021 receive supplies kits, Ava is seeking donor funding, holding fundraising events, and leading a Teen Team– a team of Twin Cities-based high schoolers to help promote and raise funds.

As a daughter to a single mother, Ava is a partnering with Emerge Mothers Academy to provide single mothers with personalized supply kits.

Ava resides in Minneapolis and is thankful for the support from both of her parents.

Join Nurture Newborns in helping parents start their baby off on the right foot by donating now!

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