Total wellness over prescriptive health with Dr. Reba Peoples

For the month of April, we are focusing on all things health and wellness. On this episode, hear Dr. Reba Peoples share her story that leads her from practicing traditional medicine to functional medicine. Dr. Reba Peoples is a truth seeker, dreamer, and spirit in evolution. As a board-certified psychiatrist, personal development coach and founder of Imara Health and Wellness, her mission is to help individuals and communities learn SMART ways to harness both the power of ancient wisdom and the gift of modern brain science in order to build extraordinary lives that are healthy, joyful and purpose-driven. As a holistic and functional psychiatrist, Dr. Peoples recognizes that each individual’s unique environment, life history, biochemistry, and genetics all factor into their experience of wellness. As a community coach and orange methodologist, Dr. Peoples recognizes that the wellness of the individual cannot truly exist outside of the wellness of the community as a whole and by extension, society as a whole.Dr. Peoples is a graduate of the Medical College of Ohio. She is board certified in Psychiatry and has additional training in Functional Medicine via the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). She has also completed a Certificate Program in Traumatic Stress Studies via the Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute (JRI) in Brookline, Massachusetts and is a 2017 Fellow of the OM (Orange Method) Community Coach Training Program in Healing Justice. Emerge is sponsored by Emerge Mothers Academy, a Twin Cities nonprofit providing support services to single mothers. Lean more about our services

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