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Charity Collaborative Providing Client-Centered Services

A collaborative charity space

To get all of the services one person needs, that person may need to walk through several doors in a single day: a door for food, a door for shelter, a door for treatment, and a door for therapy and social services.   

That is why we’ve partnered with Ace in the City, Wayside Recovery, Render Free, Rooted Green Wellness, Ace kids clubhouse & Second Harvest to provide a holistic approach to charity and social services of a kind that is totally unique in Minnesota: The Center of Belonging.

At the Center of Belonging, a woman with various needs can walk through one door and find what she needs behind it.  Her needs will be triaged and she will be directed to the services she needs all in one place. We are currently building out the first “co-working” charity space in the Twin Cities and changing the way services are provided to our community.  This build-out, of course, takes the dedicated service of volunteers willing to paint the walls, rip out the flooring, and set up the offices.  But it also takes the monetary support of everyone around the community that believes in this model of service.

We will expand services to this site and continue offering services at our other four sites.

demolition of old building

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We exist to equip single mothers to emerge as confident women and caring moms.

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