Parenting is hard.  Especially alone.  

Emerge Mothers Academy equips single mothers
to emerge as confident women and caring moms.

We Value: Personal Development
Health & Wellness
Constructive Parenting
Financial Independence 
We Offer: Parenting Classes and Mentors
Microloan grant
Social Services & Counseling

Emerge Mothers Academy offers parent support services to mothers in partnership with other local service sites [Hope Academy, Banyan Community, Open Door, NLFS First Care] .  We believe in the quality work of many Twin Cities non-profit partners, under whose roof we choose to offer services to mothers (giving the moms one less stop in their busy day). Our work with moms helps change patterns of generational poverty, encourages positive parenting, personal growth, emotional maturity and financial independence.

Meet the Team


Rebecca(Becca) Erickson, Co-founder and Executive Director.  Becca is a former Target Executive, parenting-mentor, wife and mother of three.  Becca is passionate about effective parenting, co-parenting and single parenting.  Through her own journey she has seen the value of completing an education and committing to personal growth, even as a single mother.  In 2012, her focus, resiliency and hope gave way to a bright new future as she married her wonderful husband, Ryan.  See more of Becca's story here.

Dre Barthel headshot

Dre Barthel, Director of Development and Events. Prior to joining our staff, Dre worked nearly 6 six years as a licensed social worker and more recently was a Division Manager for Heartland Payment Solutions.  Blending her talents in social work and strategy, she brings heart and focus to Emerge Mothers Academy.  Dre also has an eye for creating and a heart for inspiring beauty.  One of her deepest desires is to see others flourish; she believes deeply in empowering women.  She brings an array of gifts to Emerge Mothers Academy through her development, networking, advertising and creative talents.  She is a mom to two boys and wife to Anthony, a singer, performer and lover of people.

Em Anderson headshot

Emily A. is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker.  Emily is an independent contractor providing social services and therapy services to the Emerge Mothers at our S. Minneapolis location.  She is gifted in providing families with effective therapy tools and life skills.  Her aim is to help women and families become whole and establish effective skills for coping and thriving.  Emily is married to Tim and is the mother of four boys.  She believes in helping each client and family find their own normal, and preparing clients for life's challenges.

Jennie L. is our program assistant.  She works with mothers to ensure they are maximizing the services we offer and getting them plugged in to Emerge Mothers Academy.  Jennie has a bachelors in Psychology and is a woman of incredible compassion and commitment.  Our mothers (and their children!) love working with her.  As a Child Educator by profession, she effortlessly  builds rapport and trust with children quickly and always brightens the day of others.

Judy K. our co-founder and volunteer office coordinator works as a Registered Nurse doing limited obstetric ultrasound for moms in the Twin Cities.  After over 35 years of work as a nurse, she is now studying to be a postpartum-doula!  Judy cares deeply for young mothers, and desires to create a rich and bright future to moms all over the Twin Cities.   Judy was a single mother herself, and is now a kayaking, crafting, scrapbooking and sewing grandma of eight!

Our Board of Directors

The Emerge Mothers Academy board of directors volunteer their time and professional talents to govern our organization with passion and integrity.  Their commitment is crucial in helping our mothers rise up into their full stature.

Danielle.boardViceDanielle, an operations manager, is our Board Vice Chair/Secretary.  Danielle lives with her husband and daughter in the Twin Cities, though she is native to Nebraska.  She has plugged herself in to many things in Minnesota to make this feel more like home.  Danielle has a huge heart for serving others and being a support to those around her.  She enjoys family time and cooking.

Steve.TreasurerSteve, our Treasurer, and his wife live with their three children in St Paul.  Steve works for Wells Fargo as a CPA, CIA.  He enjoys staying active through sports and exploring the great outdoors.  He is committed to family, community and  lending a hand to important causes.

Susan is a teacher and administrator with a passion for helping others succeed in life.  Her work and volunteerism both speak to this.  She is a married mother of two and cares deeply about helping single mothers flourish an have access to opportunities we all deserve.

Emerge Mothers Academy is a MN 501c3 public charity, we rely heavily on volunteer support and a staff of gifted, generous professionals

Would you considering volunteering on our Board?   We need experienced, connected and passionate professionals to govern us!  Please send an email to our Director Becca Erickson,

Non-profit Partners


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